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Vision & Mission

When we are talking about Information Technology, a village in remote part of the world is being connected through Internet to the rest of the world. The IT has brought about revolutionary changes in the perspective of the entire globe.

However, with this background, we the Indians are still lagging behind reaching the lowest rung of our society. Mainly because of large scale illiteracy and poverty, the benefits. It's not that the country lacks talent. There is a growing demand for youth from India trained in various streams of engineering and technology. Even NASA Has about 30 per cent of its employees who are Indians. Majority of the highly professional personnel in big companies in US, Australia, Japan, Germany and other parts of the globe are born and trained here.

  IIPS strongly feels that the benefits of the education imparted here should not only strengthen the youth force, but the benefits of their training should percolate down for the benefit of the last person of the Indian society.

IIPS not only endeavors to impart training in highly professional skills to match the best in the world, but also plans to develop a sense of responsibilities towards our own nation and the society.

The technology has not discriminated between persons. Those who have been trained them for their own benefits are responsible for keeping others ignorant about its benefits. As IIPS is basically an organization of persons with social zeal. it aims to train youth in highly professional courses and at the same time inculcate the values of using them for the benefit of the society.

IIPS aims at the taking pro-active step with the Government to promote the growth of IT industry and also create opportunities for those who are less fortunate in getting proper education and training.


With the beginning of the new millennium, IIPS was formed to make its contribution towards meeting the challenges posed by it. It aims to educate youth in the field of IT at bachelor and masters level. The tough competition in these fields has helped us in strengthening our determination.

The faculty for the training has been selected carefully so that the youth trained by IIPS should always be among the top-notches in the global competition. The highly professional dignitaries in different fields are monitoring the activities. These experts will also guide the students taking up projects in rural areas as a part of their training. This extensive activities will help to generate awareness among rural people and also make the urbanites realize rural situation.

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